Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Baptised Yoga Sleepover

Every day is different.

Every day she is different.

Every day she changes and grows and learns more and more and more.

This kid amazes me.

To date, her tricks include: copying the lip smacking, dancing, giving five and waving.
When we aren't paying close attention, we hear little "HI"'s coming from her and 'Dad' and 'Mom' and we THINK "whats this?"... it may all be in our imagination, but we don't care... its fun to think it anyways. She pushes herself all over the house, shes starting to pull herself around also. She pulls her butt up in the air and tries to go from sitting to her tummy/crawling stance in one fluid motion, but cant quite get her other leg around behind her. She tries to pull herself up onto things (like our legs) and is getting stronger every time. When we try to teach her the movement for crawling she giggles uncontrollably. She now has three teeth and just cut her fourth today. She shows more emotions all the time - anger, annoyed, frustrated, happy, excited, sad and upset - sometimes all of them within a few minutes. She loves to eat and spends a lot of time doing so every day, and she eats A LOT. She ate half of a butternut squash and half of a chicken breast for dinner the other night. It was a lot of food. Like the equivalent of us eating 6 whole squashes and a whole chicken. Its no wonder that she has now gained almost 4 POUNDS in the last 2 months. Needless to say there is no longer a weight gain issue. When she is sitting up, she somehow manages to scoot herself to her toys or small pieces of lint and/or dropped food *ahem* not that there is dropped food on the floor very often...(hides embarrassed face). She entertains herself for long periods of time with no concern for the fact that no one is playing with her. Shes my little independent girl.

We had a busy weekend. A baptism for a little friend, at which the end of there was copious amounts of delicious home-cooked food. A birthday party at the yoga studio, which was a private yoga session. And an overnight visit from my Mom. We LOVE having Grannie here. We sat around and visited, went for a walk, went out for lunch, drank terribly made latte's, and sat in the sun enjoying a cold beer. The weather has been beautiful and I even got a bit of a sunburn today!!

And that, my friends, is what a perfect weekend looks like.

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  1. She is just So Beautiful! I was very confused by your title until I read the whole story! lol