Saturday, April 3, 2010

The One Where We Are Busy

These kind of weeks are my favourite. The kind where everyone is home for the long weekend and we see friends we don't get to see very often and we get tons of visiting in, and we don't do anything but drink coffee (as previously mentioned - our favourite thing to do!) and sit around and not do dishes, or clean bathrooms or fold laundry, or really do any of the things we should be doing to get ready for our first family vacation - ya those kind. The lead up to the weekend was exactly the same... all my good intentions went up in smoke at the facebook message that said 'coffees on and the Easter bread is cut - come on over' and just continued when I got the call that said 'join us at strong start', which led to more coffee and delicious treats and even more visiting. I had every intention of having all my (term used veryyyyy loosely) spring cleaning done before Sunday when we were to leave for Vancouver Island. In reality, the kitchen is "spring cleaned" and that's where it ended, but that being said, when I mentioned to Brians Grandma that I "spring cleaned" the kitchen, she said "Isn't it amazing how much space you have once you get the cupboards all cleaned out and organized?" I replied with an over-enthusiastic "I know..." but really I was thinking in my head "my "spring cleaning" doesn't actually involve cleaning out and organizing the cupboards...oops". Regardless, I got in some quality catching up with friends time and they got to see Maizey and see how much she has changed in the weeks and months since they saw her last. I did manage to get some things done in the end, so now that Saturday night is here and I am home alone, left to do all the packing and getting ready for the trip - its really not that bad. We (yes, WE!) got the laundry allllll done yesterday and packed our suitcase, Brian got the truck cleaned out and ready to go and I picked up the snack food (more apple slices for us!). This afternoon after the coffee crowd left, I got Maizeys suitcase packed, the house ready for us to go (i.e no food in the fridge to grow into something hideous for us to come home to),Missys bag of tricks ready, and the last of the research done for Victoria (yes I am a researcher kind of trip person - not that I am not spontaneous, I just like to have some good ideas - DONT JUDGE ME!!), and we even went for Easter dinner at Brians parents. Mmmmm.... turkey. I have pictures to post, but its late, so I will do it when we get back. Maizeys cousins just love her to pieces and love getting close to her! She loves it (usually). I think they are going to grow up being good friends!

I am so excited for our fist family vacation! We are heading to Vancouver Island for eight days. Brians brother lives in Nanaimo, and my friend and one of my most favourite people in this entire world lives in Duncan, so we will be visiting both of them for a few nights each. Brians brother hasn't seen Maizey since she was two weeks old, and quite frankly, kind of boring (to a guy anyways), so it will be great for him to get to spend some time with her. This will be the first time my friend gets to meet Maizey and we both could not be more excited!! I just know Maizey is going to love her like I do! We are also spending 4 days in Victoria, a city that I love, but haven't had the opportunity to spend a lot of time in, Brian either. So we will be full blown tourists, without the tacky hats. I CAN'T WAIT!!! Being a tourist is what I do best (along side talking uncomfortably loud. That's another one of my fabulous skills). So that is where we will be. I will be back in eight days with tons of pictures, hopefully some good stories, like all successful vacations have, and lots and lots of great memories! Until then... Happy Easter!

someone was tired after her long day of visiting


  1. That is THE most adorable hat ever! Where did you get it?

  2. Thanks!
    Trudy got it for her (she also has a purple one). A lady she knew made it (I think). She sells them at the farmers market, but I think they would be really easy to make!