Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pour Some Sugar On Me

I have a "work out" friend (no, nothing like Carol and Susan), we get together 5 days a week and work out. We use to run together 5 days a week and then she moved away. It was sad. After that, neither of us were very dedicated runners, we tried, but it was just a lot harder on our own. As fate would have it, she wound up back here a few years later with her now 5 year old daughter. We picked up where we had left off, except it was too snowy to run, so we do strength training and cardio inside instead. When the weather gets better, we will be back outside training for the Seattle City Marathon in November. We have talked for forever about running a marathon, and we have now commited to it. In doing so, we are training ourselves not only physically, but mentally also. Which is why today, I came up with *great* plan... to stop eating sugar for 1 MONTH. This is not entirely for calorie cutting reasons (albeit that is a great bonus), it's mostly to see if we can do it. To see if we can be that dedicated to cut out most things delicious and wodnerful in our worlds. What a GREAT idea right???? WRONG!!!! I knew as soon as I commited that it was a stupid idea... but I couldn't very well take it back could I??? Ummm... Ya you can. Thats what you're thinking. I know. But you see, the very *special* thing about my relationship with my friend is that, once we commit - theres no turning back, the other makes sure of that (for example - when I suggest doing *JUST 1 MORE* 20 min yoga dvd at the end of our workout, but 5 minutes in realize it was a baaaadddd idea, not only does she not let me quit, but she very *nicely* reminds me that it was my STUPID idea. And then she makes me finish with a smile on my face). Therefore, we are in this for the long haul. Kill me now. I can't even drink coffee now, unless its crappy and black, and seriously... who really *likes* their coffee black?? I don't think anyone. Heeelllpppp mmmeeee!!

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  1. I love every minute that I get to spend with you. You motivate me beyond what I want to be capable of. Side note: I totally forgot about that marathon. That is going to hurt! but I'm looking forward to it (being over).

    You are the best workout partner ever! and hands down the best part about living in Revelstoke.