Wednesday, September 26, 2012

On Jaces First Birthday

Oh my Buddy,
 Happy Birthday!!

One year already. WOW!
I can barely remember the days before you were here.
Oh how we love you so.
You are the smileyest (it's totally a word spell check) little boy I know. In fact, 3 days ago, when you were a miserable little beast, our friends commented that it was the first time they had ever seen you not smiling. I love this about you.
In the last weeks you have changed so so so much. Besides the fact that you are a full time walker now, you have also started talking so much more!

Your list of words is growing every day...
Please (peeessee)
Dora (wowa)
Whats this

You love snuggling. Anything really, me, dad, a pillow, stuffed animal (usually sea turtle or bearbear), the floor, a blanket, you aren't picky.
You are a tad dramatic when we take things away. Ok, not just a tad - full out, flat on the floor, kicking your legs, making a weird screaming noise... just so you know, we laugh and we certainly don't give in. Best to move on from this, we don't love it!
You love Missy. LOVE. If other people saw the way you two play, they would be concerned someone was getting hurt, but you two find it hilarious and fun and when you don't like it anymore, oh you let her know. You're good like that (totally sarcastic, you yell loud).

Today I was telling Maizey not to do something and she was standing in front of me with her hands clasped, begging me. You came beside her and stood the same way, staring at me. I had visions of the two of you, years from now, totally united and ganging up on me. Don't forget, I was once united with your uncles and we rarely ever won, so don't think you are going to get the best of me.
You are the best little sleeper around, and would looove for this continue, kthanks.
I don't know what it is, but seriously, you are like, always dirty. Your face, your hands, your clothes... what is it? Seriously, I'm asking. How are you always dirty??
You are fantastic at climbing the stairs, now you just need to learn to go down them. Besides that one time at someonewhowillnotbenamed's house, you have never fallen down them, but we can only shield you from them for so long and since we are a no-gate kind of house, you need to learn soon.
You love playing outside, just as much, if not more than Maizey. We spend a lot of time out there.
Today was your first day with cake and whoooo boy did you love it. Perfect picture taking cake eating - it was everywhere! Well done, friend.
So I don't know when it's going to stop, but you alwayyys have something in your mouth. As in, a toy. You kind of... carry them there?? Not sure what that is all about, but you freeeaaakkk out if we take what ever *it* is, out.
You are a really happy and content little boy. You love playing and walking and getting into things you aren't supposed to. You are a little bit mischievous and a little bit daredevil. I have a feeling there are many many many near heart attacks in my future.
I love your smile, your heart, your dimples, your personality, your little blonde head, your laugh, the way you look at me and love me SO much, your bottomless pit stomach, your hugs and open mouth kisses, your fat little legs, your energetic and happy personality and the fact that you are my little man, my buddski, my little mini-me.  


Happy 1st Birthday Buddy,
We love you more than you will ever know.
Mama and Dada

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