Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Breakfast Roll (Away)

My kids were up early this morning.
Like, 6:00.
I stretched it as long as I could, but by 7:00 they really needed to get up.
What did I see when we finally came upstairs, you ask?
Well, only the most beautiful morning in the history of fall mornings.
After a bit of humming and hawwing, I could hear the sunshiney goodness calling to me so I quickly made a pot of coffee for the road and threw the kids, p.j's and all, into the truck and headed out. We grabbed some bagels from Tim Hortons and pointed the tires towards the quickly rising sun.
The sun was warm, the wet slowly drying and a low fog that added to the beauty.
I was looking for somewhere to pull over where we could watch the sun peak over the mountains while we sat and ate our breakfast.
I turned off the highway and found the perfect spot. Just a bit of a shoulder on the half gravel half paved road, a bank down to the river bed where there was at least 30 feet of perfect playing rocks for the kids.

 Now isn't that just the most perfect place to eat breakfast??

It was still a bit before the sun would be cresting so we ventured further down the road in the mean time. We found the railroad tracks and waited for a few minutes to see if a train was going to emerge from the mist, making a perfect picture opportunity. One I knew Brian would die at. His wife. Taking pictures of trains. In front of people he knew. Oh, the embarrassment. It was not meant to be *this time* so we moved on.
We headed back to the breakfast spot and got out. Upon further inspection I saw that the bank was quite steep with not much to help me up or down. I tested it out and decided I would never get back up with Jace in my arms, so we would just sit by the truck and watch the river from afar.

We unpacked our bagels and sat, my two jammied babies roadside, enjoying their blueberry bagels with strawberry cream cheese.
I danced around them, taking pictures and commenting oh, how cute are you two? and isn't this fun!! We should do this every day!! 
All was going so smooth that I decided to spend a minute uploading some cell phone pictures to Instagram.
But I, obviously, needed a coffee cup shot. Right, fellow instagramers??
So I set my cup on the hood of the truck and tried to get a good angle. I was so focused on getting the shot that even though I could hear  Maizey talking beside me, I wasn't actually listening.
Blah blah blah blah blah she kept saying. When I finally got the picture I wanted, I turned to her and said Sorry Miss, I didn't hear you, what are you saying? 


is what she replied!!!!!!!!!
I turned and saw, to my horror, Jace clinging to the ground at the edge of the bank. I ran, phone still in hand to save him. In my mad dash, I got an arm in front of him so he wouldn't roll any further but the rest of me slid right down the bank. I had one arm saving him, the other saving my god damn cell phone. I didn't want to lose my picture and in my panic, I could not think what to do with it!!!!
Chokes under the pressure of saving her kid? Yep, thats me.
I put my phone in my pocket and with my now free hand and feet I clawed and kicked my way back up. I set Jace down on level ground and when he could finally breathe again, he started screaming.

Oh I secured him in his carseat immediately after that and we left.
 I thanked Maizey a bajillion times for saving him and she couldn't be more proud.
Me? I think I need to quit with the coffee cup pictures, don't I?  

The picture culprit.

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  1. This made me laugh out loud so hard and read the whole thing to Anthony. Thank you for sharing this story, it's so honest.