Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Father Day

So, some of you may know that Sunday was Fathers Day.
I know because I saw the, I don't know, around a million facebook status' that were wishing Fathers and Husbands a Happy Fathers Day.
The Father in this house was at work on Sunday, so we did no Fathers Day-ing of any kind. Not even the phone call to my own Dad kind. HOW EMBARRASSING!! Seriously, because Brian wasn't home for me to think about anything Fathers Day related, I forgot my own Dad - you know, the one that has been a Dad in my life for approximately 25 years longer than Brian has. Yikes!! Not cool, AMY. Oh don't worry, I made the super sorry and lame phone call first thing Monday morning. Awkwarddddd.
Moving on....


Monday we did celebrate him, complete with a homemade crown and yummy breakfast and my in-laws and Baileys in our coffee. I guess he is a better person than me, because when I asked him what he wanted to do for the rest of the day - anything he wants - fishing, go out on the boat, stay home and play video games while no one bothers you, do nothing... he was so practical and said we should stick to our schedule and work all day instead.



So, for his day dedicated to him, we put up siding and painted trim. Sounds fun, right? ha. It might not have been a morning at the flats and all about me me me, but I think he had a good day. He said he did.

Happy Fathers Day to you Daddy, we love you so.


  1. Love the awesome crowns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. thanks! Maizey had so much fun making them!