Sunday, April 15, 2012

A (not so) Wild Day

I got to spend the day at Kamloops Wildlife Park last week with some of my favorite people.


Its like we have never been apart. Thats why I love them. And their kids.


I wish that we all didn't live so far away and we could spend our afternoons laying around Mike and Lynnettes pool getting a sun tan and drinking copious amounts of beer. Minus the hangovers - I hear they really suck when you have kids that need attention at 6am. Just like the old days.


Ok, maybe I don't wish for the old days, but I do wish we all lived closer.


In the eight years since we have been out of college, three husbands and seven and half kids have been added to the mix. We pick up right where we left off every time we get together. Once a year just isn't enough though.


Thanks for such a fun day every one. I loved how well our kids got along and how we got to visit with no interruptions. I loved that Lynnette and Kate and Russell came for a visit too. I loved seeing my favorite little Doherty family and want to see you all again soon!!! 
(p.s Andrea, I think my favorite picture is the one of Maizey helping push Carly and Cade walking beside and your belly at the end of the picture!!)

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