Sunday, April 8, 2012

Alberta Bound

As I mentioned in my previous post, last weekend we went home to my parents place for a visit. It was one of the most calm, easy going, relaxing weekends we have had in a long time. I suppose that is what happens when I don't try to spread us too thin - which I have been known to do on occasion... (heh)
I took well over 100 pictures while we were there. I know, right? It seems silly, but honestly, I just love seeing the rest of my family with my kids... my parents, my brothers, my sister-in-laws, my nieces, my friends... I love it. (Although, there were also a few key family members missing - Riley, Shane and Stephanie. Its the thought that counts though!) So I can't resist.
I wanted to show all of the photos to my mom, but I knew I wouldn't be able to post them all on here, so just for fun, I put them into a slide show. (Don't worry, I won't feel bad if you stop reading now, let alone watch it - it may only be cute to her. And Rimini. And Trudy. Hard to say!)

So, while this doesn't include every single person we saw (sorry Trudy, Hummel, Cartwright and Kelsey) - it is just a big old cousin lovin' video!

Happy Easter every one, hope the Bunny was good to you! He was good to this house - says a super hyper 2 year old.


  1. I laughed, I cried, there were lots of aaaahs and and many smiles and I watched the slide show many times which are signs of a great blog. How lucky to see four little girls and one little boy as well as some big kids having fun. There is a special place in my heart for all the Hickey kids and kids of Hickey kids. Thank goodness I am able to read the blog and watch the slide show over and over and over and it will still be there the next time I want to see it.
    Spectacular photos Amy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing your many talents.
    xoxoxo t

  2. Awwwwww... this made me happy teary. Awesome job!