Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

As promised last year, I actually did something for Easter this year.
We got our crafty craft on and dyed some eggs with Ang and Corbin.




Turns out two year olds... and Ang, don't want to wait five minutes before they can take the egg out of the dye. So we wound up with some lightly colored eggs and some funky colored ones.


I think I had more fun than anyone. Heh.

The Easter Bunny made a stop here in full force this year...there were those silly plastic eggs filled with little treats hidden around our living room and a tiny little basket with nothing more than a skipping rope, an egg of plastic bunny's with big ears as a game and a chocolate bunny and plenty of that Easter grass crap that is immediately everywhere and makes me want to scream, but that made Maizey extremely happy.

weeee - chocolate for breakfast!!
She SO doesn't understand this kind of stuff yet - on Sunday morning when we asked her if she thought the Easter Bunny had made a stop at our house, she very seriously replied 'he only goes to Paolas house. That's where all the baskets are' - Needless to say she was totally surprised at what she found upstairs.


We celebrated our friend Dekens christening with a feast like only the Spataro clan can put out.




 It was a nice little Easter Sunday morning - I even waited outside the Church for Mass to let out, so, like, that totally counts as going to Church this year. ~that's one for me~


Maizey was not into the sitting still and being quiet during the...what do you call it when people are being baptised? service? ceremony? celebration? - anyways, during that, so we spent most of it outside, before I decided to take her home and come back alone. In the ten minutes that took, it was all over and everyone left. I missed the whole thing. Regardless, it was nice and Deken was super cute in his little white suit.


My hands have nice blisters and my back muscles are thanking me - our yard is getting raked.


 Because I think its what Jesus drank when he... ya, I totally don't know what Easter is about - sorry - because it's what WE wanted to drink when we got thirsty, we made some mean margaritas to go with our turkey dinner.


It looks like we are few margs in at this point, but we seriously aren't. This was sip #1. Honest. We were just laughing, thats all

Because we are of the proper crowd, we used a two quart measuring cup to mix them in and there was absolutely nothing measured about it. Brian's dad is a pro at them, yo.


It's taking a super long time for my photos to upload, and I have nothing left to say. So let's just sit in awkward silence until they are done, okay?

.......................... (still waiting).....
.......(the Blue Jays won tonight, so there's that. If you care about baseball. Brian does. He wants all of us to get Blue Jays hats this year. Seriously, he wants us to be the family all matchy matching in his favorite ball team attire. He doesn't know me at all.)............
...............................(we skyped with Shane this morning *my youngest brother* and he was super pumped because he got 87% on one of his final papers. I asked what class it was - get ready for this - History of Tudor England between 1480 and 1601. I don't even know where to begin. I guess I should just be glad that there are people out there wanting to learn this stuff so that, you know, history can be preserved and stuff).....
................................................(stilllllll waiting)..............

.....(okay, done)......

Happy Easter 2012

(Brian just read this - he says it's called a "Baptism" .... *shaking my head in shame. I totally knew that* - he is such a showoff. )


  1. Those are fantastic photos! At least you guys were able to dye eggs; the most festive I got was getting plastic eggs to hide around lol. Mental note to plan better for next year's Easter.