Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Turn Around

I love when immediately after I finish complaining, my life just goes and turns right around.
Our weekend was full of fun and family and parties and food.

Oh and a birthday. The Daddy's birthday.
I thought it would be funny to take Maizey to the Bargain Shop and let her pick out his present all by herself. Yes, it was funny. He is now the proud new owner of a king size Kit-Kat bar, a Dora ruler, a tiny little Cars themed rubber ball and a Hummingbird feeder. She was super proud of her finds and was certain Brian was going to love the 'Honeybird feeder'.




The day of his birthday he was pretty under the weather so when we brought home his favorite breakfast sandwich and coffee from the Modern he couldn't even eat it. Lucky for him I love them too! He wasn't up for any adventures or birthday-like celebrations and plus, he doesn't even eat birthday cake (usually) so there were almost no obvious celebrations here. We did order sushi for supper, so there was that. None the less, Maizey was excited to sing Happy Birthday on repeat.
Happy Birthday Brian/ Daddy, we love you with our whole hearts.

Two weekends in a row we got to go to totally epic sledding birthday party's at which both I forgot my camera. Seriously, for those of you Revelstokians that have never been sledding at the Chalet on Mt. Revelstoke - GO, DO IT. It's crazy fast and a huge hill and holy crap, so much fun. Maizey was so worn out after both of them, it was awesome! She went down by herself, which simultaneously gave me an immense amount of pride and heart palpitations. She also went with Brian or Me, with her friends, on her own with no sled. Sister was all over it. If I had a winter child that's exactly where I would be having a birthday party because there was nothing better for the kids than hanging out with friends, eating goodies and cake and playing in the snow.

Brians family held a big family dinner Sunday. (again, no camera. I need more hands...)He doesn't have a very big family at all, but as we all get older and more kids are added to the mix, it has gotten big enough that no ones home comfortably holds us all, so there was a little old hall rented and a pot luck gathering. There was a whole lot of little kid cousin loving going on. Maizey loves her some cousin time, she calls them all her best friends. Brian wound up having to work (laaaaame) so he wasn't able to go, which left me to take the kids. You know what I love even more than big family dinners? It's going to my in-law family dinner without him and being so comfortable and familiar that it's not weird. Good stuff, that family time.

It's been raining/snowing and gloomy and gross for days now. We are desperate to breathe in some fresh spring air and see the sun.

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  1. What a lucky dad to get such awesome presents!!!!!
    Belated BD wishes Brian.
    Maizey is fearless like her mama. It's a given that all kids must give their parents heart palpitations.