Thursday, March 15, 2012


I try to stay organized as best I can. I admit, sometimes I drive away without my purse and there was a bag hanging at the front door for nearly a year before I returned it to it's rightful owner, but honestly, I do try to stay on top of stuff.
I don't try to be nor do I pretend to be perfect.
But dude, I totally dropped the ball on this one.
For those without kids, the immunization schedule for infants and toddlers is this:
two months, four months, six months, one year, eighteen months, and then four years old.
Sure I was a week or two late with Maizeys first set, so therefore I had to be a week or two late for the rest of them. Then they got progressively further away from the schedule, getting a week or two LATER every shot. We were two months late by the time the one year old set arrived. The nurse that gave her those ones put a sticky note on our immunization booklet for when she was due for her eighteen month boosters. It read April 29/11. As in, she was supposed to be back somewhere close to April 20, 2011 - not close to March 15, 2012, which is the date she went.


You know what that means? She's old enough to know whats going on and old enough to remember. We pumped her up all week that yayy, shots are fun! You have to be a big, brave girl! Yayy, needles! 
She was super excited to go, but I had the prospect of a princess band-aid ready as a distraction for after.


But in true Maizey fashion, she was all what? that was no big deal. Can I have my sticker now? I want to go play with that awesome house. Thanks nice nurse lady, see you later.
She was a total champ, no tears, no fuss.
She got the princess band-aid anyways, just for fun.
Needle? No big deal.



  1. *Smile* Whew! I feel better. You want to talk about dropping the ball - Gemma is already 21 months old and has only had her first 2 sets of shots. Oops! Granted I did delay starting her until she was 6 months old, but with all the crazy shenanigans in our life I totally forgot about vaccinations.
    You posts always make me smile Amy!

    1. Thanks for reading Kelly! Honestly, where does the time go? I mean, it feels like just a few months ago, we were there for the last ones, not a year and a half ago!!! Yikes!

  2. WOW- hahhaha. Oh Maizey YOU A-MAZE-ME! Such a sweetie, and brave girl!