Monday, December 19, 2011

My Favorite Day

My life; she be good.
Happy and fulfilling and exciting and fun. Most of all fun. And happy.
Yesterday was pretty much my most favorite day ever. There was a lot of christmas business - baking and decorating and listening to Raffi. There was very little crying/fighting and a lot of laughing.



Kids just make the holiday season, I dunno, like a million times better. Maizey finds it all so exciting. She wants to meet the people that live in the little light up Christmas house. She decided there are kids and a mommy and daddy sleeping in it, and she needs the keys to get in the door. She can sit intently and listen to Raffi Christmas for a long time. *It might bring a tear to my eye, the songs and the memories of me as a kid singing them, and then Maizey being into it also. sob*



Do you know how easy Shortbread is to make? Fact: if you eat half of the batch, you will have eaten almost a half a cup of butter. I didn't do that. But I thought about it.






I also realized that when baking with a two year, all expectations need to be thrown out and a lot of patience must be present. Oh, and you have to be willing to clean up a wayyyy bigger mess!

Our tree is up and decorated, the stockings are (not) hung. The lights are plugged in every night and Maizey can sing Jingle Bells (sort of).

(she is making a fake snoring sound that I wish you could all hear)

(and here is the fake sleeping)

(it looks like she's hurting him, but she's not. He really loves it!)

It seems the season snuck up on us a little bit this year.


I am feeling unprepared in some (read:most) ways, but then like I have got it all together in others. In true Brian and Amy fashion, we are not big on presents and more about being appreciative and happy and showering our kids with love and gratitude. The "stuff" really doesn't matter. We won't be going home to my family again this year, so for the third year in a row we will (get to) wake up in our house, just us, on Christmas morning. We will continue with our new p.j's on Christmas Eve tradition and enjoy our Eggs Benedict the next morning. It won't be what I pictured, but it will be wonderful.

p.s We built a snowman and it pretty much the most kick ass snowman ever. But the next day it started pouring rain, so now its face has melted off, an arm fell out and it's leaning at a very unnatural angle. Poor guy.




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  1. Oh the JOYS Christmas brings....
    Happy Holidays to you all, xx