Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Stuff

This morning Jace fell asleep in my arms. He was so warm and perfect that I couldn't put him down. For real, I tried, I just couldn't make myself do it. The to-do list running through my head was screaming get up and get your shit done... recycling doesn't take itself in, nor do clothes put themselves in the dryer and lunch certainly won't be ready on it's own. Christmas tree needs to be bought and someone is going to break a leg if these toys don't get picked up, or at least pushed out of the way. Even with that battle going on in my head, I just couldn't do it. His breath so perfect and rhythmic, his sweet sighs and random little leg kicks. It was a moment of motherhood that should truly be remembered.


Our last five days have bookends that are full of Christmas festivities. Actually, all the in-between is pretty Christmasy as well. I love our little town and all the celebrations and parades and community events. Saturday afternoon found us at the annual Santa Clause Parade, which of course ended with a shout out from the big guy himself. We met up with friends and I think Paola, Stacey and I can all agree, our hearts grew a few sizes when Maizey, standing next to Liam and Eve exclaimed "these are all my friends". So true Missy, so true.


Every year, the understanding and excitement grows and makes it that much more fun. Admittedly, when we were frantically throwing toques and mitts and blankets into the truck and speaking through clenched teeth about where is the freaking baby bjorn????, I was wondering if we should just skip the stupid parade. And when we flew by the bulk plant and skipped getting dog food just so we could make it in time to get a coffee before the parade started, knowing we could just get dog food at the grocery store instead, we knew we were rushing for no good reason.


Maizey watched with fascination and a little bit of fear. She sat with friends and got fistfuls of candy.




Parades are fun, especially when you see nine grown men dressed as reindeer pulling a sleigh. No big deal.


Also when it's followed by dinner out for sushi with some of your besties!!




Our first train ride, and Daddy didn't even get to be there for it. There was one very excited little two year old in our house. The railroad threw a kids Christmas party that started with train rides in the morning for anyone in town that wanted to go, followed by a party with an another appearance from you know who. We didn't know the rides were open to anyone, but when I found out, approximately five minutes before the train was scheduled to arrive, I called Ang and told her if she could be there in five minutes she could come. I had visions of winter clothes and boots flying. She raced the train down Victoria Rd and made it in time. I think she would say it was totally worth it, even the almost hitting a pedestrian part.  Because I am awesome, I forgot my camera. Ang came to my rescue and just emailed me all of them. In the flight through space between her computer and mine, they shrunk too small to be seen by any normal eyes. I am not going to bother her with trying to send them again, so you will all just have to believe that we went and that we had fun, okay. But just know that there was a major meltdown immediately following the train ride that led to us missing the party and someone going to bed with no lunch. Although I refuse to let such a fun morning be ruined by the crying and screaming.


Cookie decorating means a large amount of cookies and icing will be consumed, regardless of how many are decorated. True story. I swear Maizey ate at least six cookies as we decorated and took a bite out of at least six more before I could grab them.

christmas time 2011 044

My friend Franca has planned a big decorating party with all of our friends but had to cancel due to unforeseen reasons. Then Ang told me she had baked some sugar cookies and I had already decided to bake Maizey some gingebread men, even though I don't like them, and don't own a little man cookie cutter. Gingerbread snowmen and trees are just as good. So we decided to decorate them. Maizey has asked every day since if we can decorate more.

christmas time 2011 045

christmas time 2011 043


One of my most favorite days of the entire year is coming...perhaps it will be tomorrow. The day we listen to Christmas music, drink hot chocolate (some with Baileys, some without), decorate the tree and then go for an after dinner drive, with more hot chocolate and kids in p.j's, to see the lights on all the houses.
I have a million memories of Christmas traditions from when I was a kid. I don't know if my parents did it intentionally or not, but I am making a very conscious effort to create traditions and memories for my kids that will last forever.


The CP Rail Holiday Train came through town yesterday afternoon and while it was just a quick stop instead of a whole show this year, we still went and listened to the music and supported it. Again, no camera, this time I did remember, but the battery was dead. Equally as lame. Jace slept through the whole thing and Maizey met and made a new friend in five seconds flat (Hi Soph) and danced away to the Christmas tunes. She even came home singing Jingle Bells.

So there you have it, a week before Christmas and we are totally into it. Love it.

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