Thursday, December 8, 2011

I"ll Take 8 Hours Of Sleep for $500

We only have two bedrooms so inevitably the two kids will be sharing.
We have talked endlessly about when the appropriate time to move Jace out of the bassinet in our room and into the crib in his sisters room, would be.

Shes going to try and steal his blankets.

He's going to wake her up with his noises.  

Shes going to try and climb in with him.

My mom told me to just do it. Get it over with. The sooner we do it, the better. Rip the band aid off. Okay, she didn't say that, but it's basically what she meant.

But I was nervous. I didn't want to have to be up half the night with both of them and that's exactly what I pictured happening. One waking the other one and then neither going back to sleep.

We decided last week that he had to go. I was waking up far more than he was, for no reason. Every little noise, I jumped up but he would still be sleeping and it aggravated me. We decided that doing it while we are staying at Brian's parents house would be perfect, since Maizey is sleeping in a crib here and can't get out of bed to touch him and steal his blankets or soother but still get used to his sounds and hopefully sleep through them.

They did amazing. He has slept 8.5 hours every night that he's been in there and she didn't even seem to notice anything other than him being there when she woke up.

She tells me she's so excited that he sleeps in her room. She asked if he could sleep in her bed with her. Who knew sister loved sharing so much?!

Last night though, Jace woke up and decided it was time to be the happiest, loudest two month old awake at 2am , EVER. I tried to nurse him back to sleep. No dice. I tried rocking, ignoring, soothering, and shushing. He politely gave me the middle finger with all the squealing and laughing he was doing. After an hour and a half of all the cute and incredibly annoying behavior, Maizey woke up. We chatted about what was going on and I told her to ignore him and try to go back to sleep, which was what I was going to do. Turns out he didn't think that was cool and started to cry out. I held my breath and waited. 2 minutes... 4 minutes... 6 minutes... I heard Maizey shushing him... 8 minutes... He stopped for a hot second when I heard a little girl voice ask him 'why you just crying all day, Jace?'  The cute just got a whole lot cuter!! I laughed to myself, good thing, otherwise the tears were coming. I went and got him again. This was my last ditch attempt at the boob before I was strapping him into his carseat and taking him for a drive. It was effing cold last night but I didn't care.
Luckily... it worked and after two long hours, everyone was asleep.

Bottom line today was.... coffee. 

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