Saturday, July 9, 2011

On Potty Training

I love teaching Maizey. Everyday I watch her learn new and exciting things that are shaping her into the little person she is so quickly becoming. When I watch her say Thank You to someone without being prompted, I give myself a fake pat on the back and when I see her being grabby or pushy to her friends I take the time to explain why we don't do that and what we should do instead. I love teaching her ridiculous party tricks, like to answer 18 months when asked how old she is. I swell with pride when she says it! I know the invaluable lessons we teach her now will one day pay off, like cleaning up after herself and looking both ways before crossing the street.
But there is one thing I could live with out teaching her. One skill I really wish all kids were born with.
Potty training.
I didn't (and still don't) expect it to be easy. I would be crazy to think we could get through this without any accidents or that it would happen over night. I came into it with very little expectations and so far haven't been too disappointed or frustrated.
But still... there are a whole new set of rules that come along with it and to be honest, no one in this is house is too crazy for them...
When not wearing a diaper there is NO:
Sitting on the couch
Playing by yourself out of your parents line of sight
Playing in your bedroom
Going downtown or to the park

Which means:
We sit on the floor A LOT
We have to be side by side pretty much all the time
We get bored and cranky at each other

It's a process.

That being said, she is doing remarkably well. We even did venture downtown yesterday, veryyyy quickly, with no diaper on. It was stressful. But it was without accident, so um, yayy for us!

We will keep at it. I am hoping for a little break from the diaper changing. 

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  1. Good job McGiven family! I know it's a hard job (for everyone) but it will pay off in the end.