Monday, July 4, 2011

Canada Day

Friday night I put an extremely exhausted, ketchup-covered, black-footed toddler to bed. She whispered love you mama as I walked out of the room. I shut the door and sighed a happy and also very exhausted sigh.
It was a good day.
I sometimes forget why we celebrate Canada Day, what it means for our country and why it's important to be appreciative. What I don't ever forget is how fun it is... the parade, the people, the bbq's, the cupcakes.
Maizey was pretty good at the parade, she didn't freak out at the giant walking bear, but she did startle a little when the trucks blew their horns. She held on to the two pieces of candy she got for dear life.



Some very nice people from some church were handing out bibles. The first lady skipped right over me. I know, I don't get it either. But the next guy, he asked if I needed one. I said no, but I will take it anyways. I don't really know what constitutes "need"... so I thought what the hell. Wait, that's bad. Hmmm... maybe I do need one.

We celebrated with a bbq... that's what I do now that I can't sit in the beer gardens all afternoon.
 Friends and kids and babies gathered in our backyard despite the less than stellar weather.




I love this picture of Marley - she was saying cheeeese while trying to smile, all with her mouth full!!

Baby Cadence. 2ish months old. Pretty much slept through the whole thing!
We set up Chelsea's monstrous water slide sans the water and the kids played tirelessly.


I am sad to say I don't own a single red piece of maternity clothing, so while I didn't feel too festively dressed, I did try to make up for it a tiny bit in swag. You know, red tablecloth, red sorbet in our punch *thanks again Rim, it was delicious and well received!*, a few Canada flags here and there, a red plaid skirt on Maizey. I did alright.


Apparently fireworks are illegal here, so our party ended early. Oh and the fact that everyone and their kids were tired. Just one more time I am reminded how times have changed. No more ridiculous drunk karaoke-ing  on a stage in some harbor in a little town with people who's names I can't remember and songs I really never knew. All in the name of my country, right?


One of my most favorite pictures ever!

We wound down our weekend substantially quieter. Hit the lake, joined in for the early parts of a 30th birthday party, ate pancakes, drank coffee. Finished off the cupcakes. You know, usual stuff.


I loved the reminder this weekend how awesome being Canadian is. And how much I love our life, our kid and our friends.



  1. Amy, you never let me down. Was just waiting for you to put up the Canada Day blog. I can never get enough of the McGiven family and your spin on things. Thanks so much. T

  2. Thanks again for having us all over. It was a great day!