Thursday, January 6, 2011

Snow Day

I started this post last night but about 2 minutes in, Brian opened a bag of my favorite chips (Ruffles Hot Wings) and turned on my new favorite show (How I Met Your Mother), so I quit this to do that.
But guess what? Its still snowing, so now its more like Snow FOR Days.
Yesterday afternoon Brians mom called to tell me that we had been issued a Snowfall Warning. We get a shit-ton of snow, yes, but it always seems alarming when they feel the need to warn us. We are always expecting it, so how bad can it be if we need to be warned? Well, so far its been 36cm's bad. I know people exaggerate when it comes to snowfall... it may feel like 3 feet, but its not. Its just over one foot. Anyways, it's a lot. I always like the big dumps at this time of year, January, the beginning of our loooong winters. Come March I won't be so thrilled to see it, as us in these parts like to call it, puking out.
Stacey and I walked yesterday afternoon for our daily dose of exercise. Walking in the snow is hard, what with the slippery-ness and the muscles always clenched ready to stop your feet from coming out from underneath you without any notice.

We walked and talked and enjoyed the snow. We discussed the reasons why sometimes we remember places and people and things differently than the way they really are. I use to think that the hills in Turner Valley were huge, but in comparison to here, they are tiny. But not in comparison, they really are big. So why do I feel the need to compare?

We stopped and made snow angels. Actually, I was the only one that laid in the snow... not surprising.

The crazy way the wet snow was landing on and sticking to Stacey's eyelashes. 

This morning she came over again, we shoveled a small path out to the street, put Maizey in the backpack and trudged our way to Angs for a snow shoveling party. I mostly just wanted a coffee and baileys from her, but first I had to work. There ended up being four of us and the two kids. A lot of snow can be shoveled in a short amount of time with 3 shovels going and a sled puller for the wee ones!  We got a good workout out from the shoveling and Jade got a good workout from the sprint training while pulling a 25lb-ish sled behind her. Plus, Angs driveway is clean, so bonus!

I know it looks like she is trying to make out with the branch, but shes not! She just likes to eat snow.

Both Maizey and I came home exhausted. The fresh air combined with the laughing and shoveling and the great friends all leave me happy tonight. For some this much snow results in a state of emergency. For us it results in neighbors lending a helping hand with a snow blower, a good walk to enjoy the snow and help a friend out, and a whole lot of happy skiers and sledders.
Its starting to snow again.