Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Coffee And A Ski

Skiing made me tired. But you know what I do when I'm tired? I quit being tired, and be awesome instead. (totally stolen from How I Met Your Mother)
So that's what I am trying to do, but to be honest, I am really exhausted... so forgive me now if this post totally sucks.
We skied today, four of us girls and it was SO much fun! I feel like a blue bird day on top of these incredible mountains while hanging out with your friends and knowing that there is nice frosty beer waiting for you at the end of the day is pretty much the epitome of totally freaking awesome. Because for real, today was totally freaking awesome. When I cut my last ski pass off my jacket this morning, I looked at the date on it. January 28, 2008. What the eff?? I really haven't skied in almost three years? Well that explains the burning quads and throbbing arms right now. It's totally worth it though.

I want to go every day!!
I was a little worried about you know, falling and stuff. Its been three years for the love of god. I thought for sure that I had totally forgotten what to do. I didn't forget, but it did take a minute or two to get back in to the groove. Get my shoulders pointing the right way and remembering to actually use my poles instead of just carrying them around for fun. Actually point my skis down. I know that sounds silly, but sometimes I have a hard time telling myself to do it. I have to have a little argument in my head first "well how do you think you're going to get down if you won't point your skis down and actually make yourself gooo???" 
Fineeeee. I always get there, even though sometimes its not that easy. But the reward is always there, at the end, when I make it down without a broken leg or something and we all laugh and talk about this totally epic day we are having. Just knowing that I can do this, that I have the ability, the desire and the *ahem* skills to do it is a little reward in itself.

 plus, this view isn't so bad! Although, the really cold wind at the top made it hard to take a second to enjoy the view, I did have the nerve to take off my mitts to get this picture. It was worth it.

 I think its safe to say that we will be going again, right friends??

We were bid a sweet farewell. Its hard to say no to something this beautiful.


On the same but kind of different note, we have been enjoying the hell out of this winter. We have been walking a LOT, I am keeping my eye on kijiji and Craigs List for snowshoes and we've been drinking hot chocolate. Yum. Maizey had it for the first time when we decorated the Christmas tree (whenever that was... it feels so long ago now) and loved it. She had it again yesterday and all she could say was 'mmmmm' and 'yep, yep, yep' while nodding and pointing to her cup. I guess she thought she should have more.

Since I got a fancy dancy Espresso Machine for Christmas (did I mention that I got a fancy dancy espresso machine for Christmas? I feel like maybe I haven't) I have been you tubing the hell out of how to make latte art. Like those fun little hearts and leaves and if you're really lucky, maybe an elephant or something. It's not nearly as easy as they make it look in all those videos for the record. When I am lucky enough to get a coffee that has a nice little picture on it, it totally (I mean totttttaaaalllllyyy) makes my day. Yesterday, I made myself a coffee when I made Maizey hot chocolate and guess what? I totally made MY OWN day!!

I am tired now, for real. So friends, what is making your day these days?
Hoping its delicious (and nice looking) coffee and skiing. If it is, lets share stories. If it isn't, that's ok, lets share stories anyways.


  1. Hey Amy! Stumbled upon your post today while searching for latte art on blogs. Keep working at it! I'm jealous that you've got a home machine, but I definitely have no shortage of practice time working in coffee shops. Check out my blog from time to time and I'll probably post some more detailed how-to latte art stuff for beginners!

  2. Ah your ski adventure seems like a blast! I had a skiing accident in early highschool and I fell 35 feet off the chair lift, and I havent been back since! Hubby is bugging me to snowboard saying it will cure my fear since its 'not the same thing' but we'll have to see!

  3. Ahah thank you - I saw a comment that you made on Kelle Hamptons blog and I found myself clicking your name.