Monday, June 7, 2010

When I Teach My Daughter About Life - Sometimes I Fail. And Sometimes I Am Really Random. Like Right Now

I am constantly telling Maizey what to do.

"don't hit Mommy"
"stop pinching me"
"keep your fingers out of the baseboard heater"
"we don't play in the plants Missy'
"don't stand up in the bathtub. that's how you crack your head open. sit on your bum"
"come over here where I can see you"
"daddy is going to be mad at you if you turn the computer off again, so you probably shouldn't do it"
"don't press the open button on the dvd player, its not for kids"
"be gentle"
"seriously, its not funny when you hit Mommy"
"its even less funny when you pinch the fat on the back of my arm. for real. stop it"
"i said go to sleep. why haven't you?"
"yes, you really do have to eat this gross supper, its all mommy made"
"ok, fine. You can have something else. This time"
"stop crying"
"I know, sometimes life is hard, but you have to (insert something terrible for her to do here, like going to bed) anyways"

Today, I failed at telling her what to do. Today (and one other time a few weeks ago), I laughed when she did something that is going to be completely un-acceptable very soon. Today, I cracked up as she threw her lunch on the floor. Because it was just way too funny to watch her wave good-bye to it. Oh. My. God. It really was hilarious.
Hey! I am only human!

On a side note, Brians parents got this years shipment of chicks. Maizey was a little nervous, but in the end she loved them. I can only imagine that she felt like a giant next to them.

Also, I mentioned before that Brian and I aren't really big on buying toys, so I just wanted to tell everyone that a few weeks ago, we were in Superstore and felt the urge to buy a REAL toy. You know, one that makes noises and does stuff like pop up. We thought it was pretty cool and that she would totally love it. We shouldn't have wasted our money. She doesn't like to make the things pop up, instead she gets mad at it when they are popped up and slams them down, then crawls away. In the future, we will spend the $15 bucks on something else, something a little more useful. Like butternut squashes... because she really does love to play with them.

That's whats going on with us right now. What about you?
oh p.s. we went to the bank. Our dreams have not been squashed, but they are a little more distant. I see a lot of work for us in the very near future to make it happen. I will keep you all posted. We won't be planning the housewarming party just yet.

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