Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oh Crap

6:30 am - wake up to the usual feed me and put me back to bed whine
6:31 am - walk in to a wonderful surprise. *Something* overflowing out the back of THE most adorable two piece, big girl jammies
6:37 am - get it all cleaned up, fresh jammies on. Check bed for any signs of said *something*. Feed and put back to bed
6:45 am - forced to get out of bed due to incessant screaming
6:46 am- walk in to find another wonderful surprise. Turns out bed was not checked thoroughly
6:50 am - put on first load of laundry
7:00 am - breakfast
7:15am - clean up banana that magically made its way around the entire kitchen, even though someone was strapped in her high chair.
7:30 am - put on second load of laundry
7:45 am - sit down to eat self's breakfast and drink a nice cup of coffee. ahhhh.... coffee
7:46 am - spit out coffee and dump whole pot down sink. Magically coffee tastes oddly like prior said *something*
7:46 am- brush taste out of mouth and rinse with Listerine 
8:00 am - curse the fact that this has to be the morning I make a crappy pot of coffee
8:01am - wish Brian was home to *at least* make the coffee
8:02 am - curse the railroad and the fact that he is at his "job" pffftttt
8:03 am - think of a reason to go uptown and GET a coffee
8:04 am - load truck up with all recyclables. genius
8:15 am - ready to "take recycling  in"
8:30 am - leave to take in said recycling
9:00 am - get $5 from the bottle depot. WOW that's a lot of cans (sarcastic obviously)
9:15 am - order one triple latte with skim and a side of honey pleaseandthankyou
9:18 am - take a sip of the single most delicious thing ever tasted in the history of the entire world
9:30 am - home
9:45 am - put someone down for morning nap. put on third load of laundry. notice the gigantic pile of laundry on the couch in need of being folded. take note of the fact that some of it has been waiting to be folded for over a week. think of hiring a maid. or inventing self-folding laundry. remember how much work that would be. realize it would be less work to just fold the god-forsaken sh*t. sit on facebook for 10 more minutes. enjoy every last drop of the $5 coffee.

the day went on.... and I should say - it did get better. Starting with my wonderful bestie Ang bringing me a homemade latte (while she dropped Corbin off to be baby-sat mind you. but still... it was nice) and continuing on with sushi for lunch and a haircut, complete with two washings.
Here's to hoping that tomorrow will have a much smoother beginning.

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  1. love those kinds of mornings! I hope today is better for you too! Just over 2 weeks till we see you guys again!