Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Got Old

Today is my youngest brothers birthday. He turns 19. That means he is now legal to drink everywhere in Canada. He can buy his only favorite sister beer any time she wants it. He can go to the bar, get stupid, and call his mommy for a ride home if he chooses. Not that his mommy would go get him, but he could try. He can order a drink with dinner and give his i.d up when asked, not make up a lame excuse for not having it and then get turned down. Not that that's ever happened. Just saying. He can casually bring up the time he was out for drinks with friends... and follow with a story. Its weird. Hes just a kid. Barely big enough for his loving sister to carry around and accidentally drop on his head. Not that that's ever happened. Just saying. Hardly big enough to be watching his siblings work and get hit in the face by a flying stick thrown by his awesome sister and need stitches. Not that that's ever happened. Just saying. Still small enough that he can be hung upside down by his ankles and shook for any money to fall out of his pockets. Not old enough to have outgrown his nickname and be called his real name, which, as it turns out, is not 'girl'. Hes hardly old enough to be going to the high school. Or be playing on the football team. Or starring in plays. Or going to university clear across the country.
Apparently I am wrong. For he is old to be all those things, and big enough to do all those things.
Which can mean only one thing...
Happy Birthday Shane. Hope you are having a great day. And drinking lots.
(p.s I might be in trouble now, since two other brothers birthdays have passed since I started this blog and neither of them got a birthday post. oops. Sorry Tyler and Riley!)

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