Saturday, May 10, 2014

Spiderman Fans

I'm not exactly sure when Maizey's love of Spiderman started. My guess would be about a year ago when she discovered the old cartoon on Netflix, Spiderman and His Amazing Friends. I think it's from when I was a kid?? It has Firestar and Iceman - do you know the one I mean? Anyways, she watched it religiously. She knows episodes by heart and always always ALWAYS wanted to play Spiderman, Firestar and Iceman with her friends and used to be totally shocked when her friends didn't know who the heck she was talking about. She dressed as Spiderman for Halloween and has been known to wear the costume under her clothes all day, on the regular. When she does that she says things like won't it be so cool that no one in the (what ever store we are going to) know that Spiderman is in there? I would go as far as to say that one of her most favorite things to do of all time, is sit with Brian and watch a Spiderman movie. Any one, she's not picky and luckily, neither is he. At the risk of potentially getting my husband made fun of, I will admit that he still thinks Spiderman is the coolest super hero out there and he was a bit *too* excited about the Spidy coffee mug the kids gave him for his birthday. He' still the #1 fan and she comes in a close #2.
When The Amazing Spiderman 2 was playing in our little theatre this past week, he decided to take her on a date. It was supposed to be much better planned, with dinner out before the show, her wearing the costume, a mid-day nap so she would last through the whole movie. didn't go that way and at 6:30 on Tuesday night it was decided they were going in half an hour. She was OMG sooooo excited. (Jace was pissed, for the record. No one leaves Jace at home. NO ONE.)

Brian sent me a picture that is my current all time favorite picture of her before the movie started.

I admit I was a wee bit jealous that I was missing out on the excitement, because I am a little selfish like that - I should never be left out of the adventures. Hmphf. Anyways, moving on.

She lasted an hour into the movie before she started falling asleep so stood up and put her coat on and informed her Daddy it was time to go. But that gigantic smile was still plastered on her face when they walked in the door. It's ok  she said  Dad can just download it in a few months and we can finish watching it then. Alright then. 

She feels like it was a success and I suppose that's all that matters.
She may be his #2 fan, she just isn't as dedicated as #1.

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