Monday, May 19, 2014

Maizey Lost A Tooth. Alternately Titled: I Cried.

Ohhhhh.... BIG weekend around here.

SOMEONE.....lost their first tooth.

Excuse me while I sob into my stupid club soda with lime.

Last Thursday, while hurrying to meet a guy about a lens downtown, Maizey stopped to tell me she had a loose tooth. I thought she was being dramatic about wiggling a tooth. Like, I can put my fingers on a tooth and move it back and forth, it seems like it's wiggling to me too. I didn't believe her, she's only four for the love of all things holy, why would I??? I stopped anyways, played along and bent down to see her "loose tooth". Holy shit you guys, it was barely hanging on by a thread. Or you know, a root. I think I screamed a little. Tears sprang to my eyes and threatened to over flow. MY BABY HAS A LOOSE TOOTH. She calmly reminded me that she isn't a baby. I called Brian, basically hysterical, to tell him. He was surprised too, he just handled it wayyyyy better than me.
We met the guy, we bought the lens, we headed home.

Maizey: awww Mom, we haven't heard your favorite song in so long and now I can't even sing it because I have a loose tooth. 

Do you think I'm going to be able to eat dinner, you know, because of my loose tooth?

I wonder if I can stay awake late enough to see the Tooth Fairy when she comes....

I can't believe I have a loose tooth. I am just so excited because Jaya and Peyton both lost some of their baby teeth and I want to be just like them. 


Leave it alone. 

Serioiusly, leave it alone. 

Let me see it, oh my god, it's almost out, I can't believe you are going to lose a tooth already. I'M NOT READY FOR THIS. 

Anyways, Friday came and went and she wiggled and wiggled and wiggled it, without much discussion or attention payed to it. Saturday, there was barely a mention of it. That night, she went to bed and came out maybe a half hour later, tooth in hand. I don't know how it happened, I moved it one way and it like, bent in half, and I moved it the other way and then it was just like, in my mouth. 

the tiniest, most adorable little tooth I have ever seen. 

We were down at my parents for the weekend though, so she didn't want to put it under her pillow for the tooth fairy that night because she wanted Brian to see it, so we brought it home with us. Last night, she fell asleep with the tiny little tooth in her hand, under her pillow, which surprised her this morning because she was certain she wouldn't be able to fall asleep with all the excitement.
The tooth fairy left seven coins, which she could not be more thrilled about. She doens't know or care that they added up to $1.80, she just cares that she has a fist full of money. Plus the coin my mom gave her, just in case.

She is thrilled. I've gotten much less emotional about the whole thing, which is good, because the one beside the gaping hole is already loose too.
*ahem* still sobbing away here....

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  1. Obviously, I am a little late at getting the book called Bear's Loose Tooth (maybe not the correct title) in the mail to Maizey!!!!