Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow Day(ish)

I have spent more time than I care to admit, worrying about our morning routine and what I am teaching our kids.
You see, we have gotten into this nice little groove of quiet mornings. The kids eat their breakfast at the coffee table while watching Bubble Guppies on Netflix. I sip my coffee and eat my toast at the computer, catching up on internet stuff. It's slow, it's lazy and you know what, it's really nice.
A few weeks ago Maizey and I were discussing when would be a good time to have her friend Corbin over for a sleep over. We decided it shouldn't be a weekend because his weekends are full of family time and it shouldn't be a school day, since they go to different schools, so... that left us two nights in a week. TWO. That seems crazy. September will be here before we know it and suddenly they will be in Kindergarten, which is full time here. Five days a week, all day. That sobering though dissipated any guilt I felt over letting my kids stay in their pj's and watch tv every morning. Seven short months from now, it's all over. 
This morning we woke up to (an unofficial count says) 46 cm's of snow. FORTY SIX CENTIMETERS. Thats 18 inches in case you don't know. We were out the door at 7:20 to shovel. It took Brian and I, together, 50 minutes to get it done. Yes, we get a lot of snow. No, I am not surprised. No, I am not complaining. 46 cm's is a lot, I don't care who you are, where you grew up or what your local status is compared to mine. It's a lot of snow. The kids had a freaking blast wading through it this afternoon. Maizeys pre school class still went outside to play, despite not being able to see the playground. I made it to my 9:20 dentist appt, on time, and so did my dental hygienist. We just seem to carry on, no amount of snow stopping us. Our roof will need to be shoveled soon. Our city was ALL OVER the snow removal today and (at least in my neighborhood) kicked ass as it.
I've seen statuses all day of getting help being pushed out, needing help being pushed out, calling a snow day for themselves since one wasn't called for everyone, going skiing, wishing they were going skiing, epic day to be skiing. Some saying I hate snow, why do we live here, I want winter to be over.  Others saying I love snow, THIS is why we live here, I want it to keep snowing all month long. 
I'm neither here nor there regarding the snow. I don't live here because of it, nor do I want to move away because of it. (The rain is another story. I swear to Ghandi if it starts raining tomorrow, I'm OUT OF HERE.). But I can say one thing for sure, I will keep on enjoying our quiet mornings inside, in our pj's drinking coffee and watching Bubble Guppies. I don't need to be out there shoveling snow at 7:30 every morning. 

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