Tuesday, December 10, 2013

If It Were Anyone Else, It Would Totally Be Creepy

Dear Maizey, 

Last night while you slept, I watched you. It might seem a little creepy, but I promise, I didn't mean to be. I just like you and want to be close to you. 


I love you, 
  Your adoring little brother, Budski.

it seemed a wee bit creepy and whole lot adorable to us. I was out last night and that is the picture that Brian texted me that said 'it's 9:00 and this is how I found him' . This transition period, right after turning a crib into a bed, can be painful. Super painful actually. Bedtime takes FOREVER. As I type, they are sneaking up the stairs AGAIN, waiting for us to see them so they can run, giggling back to bed *pours another glass of wine* . We will get past this too. If I seem grouchier than normal, blame the fact that it takes until 9pm every night to get kids in bed and asleep.

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