Sunday, October 13, 2013

Why Is Fall The Shortest Season?

October is half over.
My favorite month, and it is flying by.
Our anniversary, my birthday, my moms birthday, thanksgiving, beautiful fall weather. All my favorite.

We've visited my parents. We've been for many, many walks. We've rode bikes, thrown rocks into the river, drank a lot of coffee and eaten a few hippy bombs. We have pulled out winter coats and boots, and officially put away the flip flops. We are getting cleaned up from summer fun and getting ready to hunker down in the snow. We hosted one more bbq pizza night before putting the cover on the bbq for the last time. I am down to one twisted tea in the fridge and I don't feel the need to buy more. We are breathing in the cool autumn air, while enjoying how beautiful our town is at this time year.



If I'm being honest, I find Thanksgiving one of the hardest times of the year to be away from my family. I am remembering last year when we were (almost) all together in Banff and feeling a wee bit nostalgic about it.

There's still some time left of this month and this fall and we plan on taking full advantage of it.

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