Monday, September 23, 2013

Totally Gross. And Funny. Wanna Be Friends With Us?

Every Sunday we have dinner at Brians parents house and almost every week, we have spaghetti. They do it for their grandkids, who are basically spaghetti addicts that have pretty much come to expect that we are going to have it every single week.
So, last night we ate dinner there and of course, had spaghetti.
Maizey was shovelling it in. Fast and furious. It was like she hadn't eaten all day or something.
Jace was alternating between giant bites of spaghetti and garlic stuffed green olives.
We were telling them to slow down, getting up to re-fill milk glasses, eating our own dinner, passing more olives, sprinkling more cheese, and just generally, not having a quiet peaceful dinner, when Maizey was all you  guys! theres something in my nose. I think there's like, spaghetti or something up it. And we were like haha, ok, whatever, sit down and eat nicely. 
But she wouldn't let it go. She kept saying it all night and long after we got home.
This morning it was forgotten. No mention of any noodles up any noses.
While Buddy had a nap this afternoon Maizey and I went to do a few errands and while we were downtown decided to go for a coffee. We stood in line and ordered a chocolate chip cookie and a dark roast latte. She asked if she could carry her cookie to the table so I said sure. She pulled the plate off the counter and wouldn't you know it, the cookie fell to the floor. Quick, pick it up and put it back on the plate, I'm sure it's fine I said. She doesn't move that quick and I live by the 10 second rule, so I quickly bent down and picked it. I set it back on the plate, back on the counter and turned to pay. As I was handing the money over, Maizey let out a small sneeze. Gross, I thought, I'm sure she didn't cover her mouth and that lady behind her is going to silently be judging us. As if it wasn't bad enough that she totally knows I feed my kid floor food.   
OH MY GOD! Maizey said, Look what came out of my nose!! It's the noodle!!!!
I turned and looked down. I don't know what I thought I would see, but I did not expect it to be a stark white, 3.5" spaghetti noodle on the dark floor, thats for sure. I'm sure my eyes got wide and my cheeks turned red, but I totally started laughing. I ran and grabbed a napkin and cleaned it up, still laughing while Maizey just stood there saying hahha, I told you I had a  noodle in my nose. 
The lady, hilariously and luckily, found it funny. That's impressive she said to Maizey, I wish I could do that cool trick!!!
We both laughed about it the whole time we were in there.

2 minutes post-sneeze. 

Honestly, being a parent is not for the faint of heart. I re-learn almost daily that being a parent means dealing with gross stuff and checking my sanity and ego at the door.

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