Wednesday, September 25, 2013

At Least The Bathroom Counters Are Clean, Right?

Tonight I walked into the bathroom to find Maizey cleaning the counter with her toothbrush, rather than brushing her teeth with it.
It pushed me over the edge. I yelled, she cried, Buddy laughed. It was not my finest moment.
Sometimes it's the smallest straw that breaks this camels back.
When someone pulls the extra chairs from their corners up to the table, it makes me crazy. Like, if I was in a cartoon, my head would be spinning in circles. We are a family of four, we don't need a million chairs at the table. Or six, we don't need six. It makes it impossible to walk around the table if they are all pulled up. They think what I am asking is unreasonable. I should probably let it go, just push them back seven thousand times every day rather than let it get to me.
My kids are Rice Krispies addicts. They want them every single morning for breakfast. Some days I tell them we are out, just so I don't have to clean up the mess. Rice Krispies are equally as bad as their awful step-sibling, rice. A wet Rice Krispie stuck to the bottom of my slipper and tracking a little wet sticky spot all over the kitchen just reminds me that OMG I hate Rice Krispies.
I'm honestly working on my patience. We are three days into potty training and that is absolutely no place for paper thin patience. I spent a very long time sitting on a tiny bathroom stool today. And yesterday. And the day before.
Tomorrow is Jaces birthday, I couldn't have him going to bed thinking he was a rotten boy. I turned it around after the toothbrush thing. I mean, it was fake and shit, but still, I turned it around. They went to bed happy and unaware that I was at the very very end of my rope.
It's always a work in progress, and tomorrow will be better. It will get started on a better foot for sure, no Rice Krispies for the birthday boy, it's pancakes all the way.

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