Friday, November 23, 2012

Apparently Reflections Freak Me Out

I feel like it needs to be said right off the bat that I am not a chicken. Seriously, I'm not. If I dare say it, I would actually call myself kind of brave about most things. Well, besides the whole driving thing that happened once I became a parent. I'm not talking about that. Just in general. Like, I don't get freaked out super easy, I can climb high, kill spiders, push a baby out with no drugs. Dude, I'm brave, okay? There I said it.
Anyways, last night the power went out. Most of you know, you live here too.
So, I was home alone with the kids and we are looking after Brians parents house while they are away and it really wasn't a super big deal. I felt around for my phone, flash light app for the win! wooo!! That flashlight led me to the real flashlight which led me to the candles and matches and boom, we were set.
We rationed the water for teeth brushing and drinking, we read bedtime stories by candle light and I tucked two tired kids into bed in the pitchest of pitch black.
I carried on with the rest of the business that needs to be taken care of by the light of flashlight and smiled inside while saying just like camping, and I LOVE camping!
My last job for the night was to feed the dog. I came up the stairs to the landing, filled the little sour cream container from the bucket, turned to open the door and I'm not kidding you, THERE WAS SOMEONE STANDING IN THE WINDOW!!!! I dropped the dog food and - don't judge me - let out a small scream. And then. Then I realized it was ME. My reflection. My own freaking reflection for christs sake. SO ridiculous, right? Not 30 seconds later the power came back on, Chelsea showed up with a bottle of wine and I drank half of it.
I'm not un-checking the 'brave' box just yet. I say that was legit scary.


  1. Do not touch the brave box! You have been fearless since you came into this world. Well, there are those tiny little things that scurry around that you are not impressed with but there are a lot of people who are not keen on them. I'd blame your peripheral vision which seems to aid in this startling business.

    1. Yes, okay, when it comes to those, I am quite possibly the worlds biggest chicken. I try to keep that on the down low though. haha