Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Heat Suck

It doesn't happen often, but some days, like today, the heat just gets to be too much.
We did what we could, of course, but I would be lying if I said I was the most patient parent today.
We did what stuff we had to do outside before 9:30 this morning.
We ran errands in the air conditioned truck.
We made a make shift water slide and literally sprayed the hose in our faces. It was refreshing, okay?!!


We sat in the shade.
But it still got the best of us.
We spent the afternoon in the air conditioning of the house, in front of the tv (Netflix got some new super awesome movies, so yay!) and I don't even feel a little bit guilty about it.


Both kids were ready for bed at 6:00 but out of fear that tomorrow morning would start even earlier than normal, which is plenty early enough, we kept them up with distraction for 45 minutes (Thanks Mom!).


Im trying to not to let today bum me out. I KNOW I could have done better. I could have used better words and made more attempts at keeping us all busy. I could have been more patient and truth be told, we all could have had naps.
Luckily, my kids are forgiving and I know that tomorrow is a new day.

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