Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Road Trip

Ang and I made a road trip to see Andrea. Kind of like the one we made two years ago.
Only this time we didn't leave at 4:00am. We also couldn't fit in one vehicle. The number of kids between the three of us has doubled since the last trip.


 And we only had to go to Canmore - a mere three hour drive, compared to the 12 hours of going all the way to Fort St. John. We only got to spend the day with them and it just wasn't enough time.



Not enough time to squeeze and snuggle two month old Reese, not enough time to have our kids get to know her kids, not enough time to actually catch up and not enough time to get to see Ryan.



Actually, it wasn't even enough time to remember that I had presents for them, in my suitcase, next to my bathing suit, that never got pulled out. oops!!



 None the less, I always love seeing them.


Andrea, I would drive anywhere to get to see you! But um, could you please just move closer already? That would be suuuper helpful! kthanks!

After Canmore, we headed to my parents for the weekend.
Lots of kids, with family dinners with more people thrown in, strange nap times, lots of driving and no dads - well, some days were smoother than others.
I would love to write all about it and post some pictures, but I am still playing catch up and right now, it's sleep catch up time. Once I have sorted through the million pictures I took, I will post some.

Thanks for the fun road trip Ang. Dibs not me for the mini-van. That means you have to!

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