Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Best Company Possible

After six full days of company, I am sitting down, rubbing my eyes drinking the biggest coffee ever.
It was the best kind of company possible.
The kind that the words and actions flow freely, the kind that brush my kids teeth after changing the others diaper. The kind that get up with and feed Jace breakfast giving me an extra full hour in bed. The kind that drink coffee and eat good food and happily sit at my kitchen table all day. The kind that have known me for the better part of my life and despite the fact that they wave to me from Aritizia while I'm kicking it at Old Navy, can still be some of my best friends ever. Also, the kind that is my mom and well, she is just the best kind.


First it was Tyler and Jen and when it comes to my brothers and the few and far between visits, I will take what I can get. It was a pass through visit that my kids and I are grateful for.

Then it was Hummel and Cartwright. I couldn't even guess when the last time we spent three whole days alone together.... before my wedding possibly? A long time... For three whole days they loved on my kids, watched me in my element and made the nicest comments like You make having two kids look easy... ummm they didn't see the post-visit meltdowns.


These girls knew me in our learning to drive standard days, my wearing-a-sweatshirt-from-MarksWorkWearhouse was going out clothes days (photographic evidence not required, it was that bad), my partying prime days, my early marital-bliss (hahaha) days and now in my motherhood days.


I have said it before and I will say it again... I love nothing more than having my people from home, in my home. It's like my worlds colliding and there is something so comfortable and comforting and heartwarming about it.


We laughed ohmygod SO much, stayed up late(r than my normal bed time! haha) and I wanted them to stay forever. We have been through many many years, through breakups, laughs, fights, backpacking trips, bachelorette parties, hours long phone calls, deaths and weddings.


We have come out on top. Our lives have sometimes strayed from each others, but we all know. We know.


I love those girls like sisters and they know there will always be a single bed or couch free for them if they need it.


It comes with a naked two year old (omg almost three year old) but they are obvs cool with it.
Thanks Cartwright and Hummel for making the trip out. We love love loved having you and wish you could come back next week.

Last was my Mom. Too short of a visit. Period. (but truth be told, no matter how long the visit, its ALWAYS too short. Heh)


We miss you already Nannie.

I'm tired. But feeling grateful like you would not believe.

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