Wednesday, July 18, 2012


We are in a really great place right now.
We have a good system going. We seem to be balancing getting shit done with afternoons at the park and fishing and bbq's. We are staying caught up with everyday things and getting non-everyday things done as well.



The kids are happy. I am rested. Brian is good. We are doing a little less going out and a little more staying home.

Totally epic bubbles. Thanks Trudy!

Our garden is growing effortlessly. There are weeds mixed in with delicious beet greens and lettuce heads that are ready to eat. The peas are thisclose to being ready and we are all impatiently waiting for that. Maizey and I quietly work side by side in the garden, me in my place, her in hers. She quietly digs while I quietly tend, only stopping to answer whether she can pull or not. She is getting it and it makes my gardening heart swell. She can play in her 'garden' (the bed that will eventually be home to a beautiful perennial garden but currently sits empty) for, literally, hours.



Brian is working tirelessly on our home. We are both ready to put this project to bed. Soon, we keep saying. Soon it will be done, knowing full well that a home is never really done. I guess soon it won't be all we think about, would be more accurate.



We welcomed the hot sun with open arms. We were ready to say goodbye to the rain and the dismal moods it brought with it. The air conditioner we bought at the end of last summer has proven to be the single most amazing purchase we have ever made.


We play outside all day and come inside to a cool house at the end. Heaven.
Our nap time and meal time fights seem to be persistent and I feel as though they may never end.
Her hilarious antics seem to make us forget the moments that are less than perfect (much much much less than perfect).




We seem to be swimming with this current with ease. Summer time and the livin's easy.

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