Sunday, February 26, 2012

When Things Get Weird

Its been a weird week in our house.
Things that have needed to be done but have been sitting untouched for weeks are finally finished, yet things that normally get done immediately have been tossed to the wayside. As in, Maizeys bed hasn't been made for three nights now. Like, no sheets at all. Just a receiving blanket underneath her and her comforter over top. I'm blaming my laziness on the fact that I have been busy doing other things. Yet piles of dirt and dust are migrating to the corners of the living room waiting for spring to come, so I can plant the box of potatoes that I let sprout, in them, so I guess I haven't been doing that either. 
Maizey broke out in this weird funky hives thing... it lasted three days and seems to be gone now. Bizarre random allergic reaction? Virus? Who knows?? She didn't seem bothered until every night at 10:30 when she suddenly needed to be thisclose to me. Benadryl worked wonders. Still have no idea what the heck it was, but we will be watching from now on.
I have been fighting something... not sure what, but I am kicking this bitch in the face - water and vitamin c have become my new best friends. My husband has picked up the slack on most other things that needed picking up so as to let me sleep. I'm the mom, there is no time for me to be totally down and out. It feels like the last time I was sick, which was in college and it was strep throat. Seriously, no thanks. 
Unproductive weeks are always followed by super productive and over achieving weeks, so as long as I can beat whatever this is, then this should be a great week.
Here's to hoping. I am over this weirdness.

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  1. I was once told by someone... "Have a great week because YOU CAN"... lol... sometimes I wonder. Hope you feel back at'er are right, there is no down and out time for us Mama Bears!