Saturday, February 18, 2012

The One Where Jace Is Little

Okay, so the bottom line is, if I were a dairy cow, I would be sold. 
The thing is, they look good, my milk producers. They look like they should be pumping out gallons and that it should be more than enough to supply one little boy with an adequate amount to eat. But I guess it ends at looks, cuz these baby's apparently just don't cut it.
The same thing happened when Maizey was this age. The difference is that she never cried. Like, ever. So we had no idea that something was wrong. Jace, on the other hand... oh we knew something was wrong. My formerly sweet and amazing sleeping baby was suddenly miserable and never sleeping. He cried all the time.
I didn't want to use the boob as a way to soothe him. I didn't want him to only be dependent on me. I didn't want to create a monster that couldn't be put down.
I should've just fed him.
My supply dropped and he wasn't getting enough to eat.
At his four month well baby visit our Doctor noticed that he was down a bit percentage wise. After what happened with Maizey she wanted me to keep an eye on it. We had his shots lined up for two weeks later so just be sure we paid attention then and if he was still down or had gone any lower to come back. At his shots last week, he was still down. All the way down to the 30th percentile from the 50th.
BUT it had been a long week after our dr's appointment and before the shots, so after talking to some friends about it, one that had to stop nursing all together at four months because of no milk and one that is now topping up with formula alongside nursing, I decided to be proactive and work on increasing supply on my own before having to resort to formula. (It should be said that I have nothing against formula, it's just that I am cheap and have no desire to pay for food when it could be free.) And before our doctor had to get involved.
I have started a rigorous routine of pumping every night to try and trick my body. I also have started feeding every two hours whether he wants it or not. I feel like I am back in the newborn days where every day revolves around feeding and pumping.
He's crying a lot less, more like a normal amount, and he is back to sleeping more. He actually naps now and he only gets up once maybe twice a night.
It has already gotten better, much, much better and I am not giving up. We are SO close to starting solids, I just have to hold on for a bit longer and then we'll be out of the woods anyways. He will be fine. No, he IS fine. He is eating so much more already. A little dip, that's all this is.
I love when this little face smiles...



  1. I love it when you make me laugh out loud!!!!!!!

  2. Owww he is so cute