Monday, November 7, 2011

Warnings And Love

My two year old comes with a warning.
She doesn't play by the rules, she makes her own.


She argues, but don't take it personally because she even argues with herself. Or her fingers when she is trying to hold up two and only two. "No thumb, you don't stay up, I put you down, stop it"
She isn't quiet, she does not have an inside voice, even in the middle of the night.



She can take a perfectly acceptable two year old activity and turn it into a nightmare. Fact: If you give her two felts *non toxic of course* with a picture to color and get her all set up in her high chair so she can't color on anything that will get ruined, she WILL suck all the color out of the markers and then bite the tip off the end.
She never stops talking. Ever. Even in her sleep.
My new word for her is spirited.


I get frustrated at her, I threaten spankings, I put her in her room, I take things away. I am consistent with discipline and I don't entertain the arguing, I stop it.
She fights with her friends and her cousins. While I would like to be that parent that thinks its always the other kids fault, I am no dummy. I know better.
I didn't think I would ever need the "excuse" shes two, but I am guilty of using it. I have no other explanation for her behavior sometimes. She will be fine one minute and a beast the next. And it's not learned behavior, trust me, I keep my beastiness in check!!

But then...
then she is kind and loving and gentle and quirky and funny.



She shares and says please and thank you without being asked. She says grown-up things and laughs at jokes. She asks thoughtful questions. She says sorry and means it.


She sings songs from her favorite movies and quotes characters like Simba and Dori. She learned what a best friend is thanks to the Lion King and often tells me I am her best friend.


She comes with a warning, but I do love her so. 


  1. My first comment was better but this was a great post, it almost made me..... Yes me cry!!

  2. This was a wonderfully written post about what it means to have a child. Honest and true and thoroughly sweet. She is such a lovely and spirited little girl and this was a really touching post.

  3. Spirited is a good thing.
    Maizey is amazing and her own little person and much loved and too cute for words and melts my heart.
    The photos are awesome.
    Thanks again Amy for such a great blog.

  4. I love reading your words. I love this post. I love seeing just how unique your little girl is. Because in truth we want our littles to be unique individuals and they are just that- we just didn't think we'd see it so soon.
    She is beautiful Amy!