Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Quicky

I have been away from here lately, because, well, to be honest, between being busy with company and road trips and the obvious one, the tiny little boy that needs me and only me and the (self-proclaimed) tiny little girl that likes to torment me all of a sudden, I am also really effing tired. Clearly Baby Jace didn't get the memo that being awake from 2am to 4am is not cool and should never happen.

I took the two kids on a road trip this past weekend. We went to my parents for four days so I could introduce Jace to my family and so I could celebrate at my bestie, Hummels wedding shower (which I do have a few pictures of, but I forgot my camera in Calgary, so they will have to wait until it makes its way home.). They were both so good that despite the popular you're crazy stance about a solo road trip with a two year old and 3.5 week old, I will totally do it again. Of course, having some major help on the other side is a bonus (plus another reason I will do it again! Thanks Nannie!!). We came home exhausted, but happy to have introduced Jace to my family and friends.

The weekend before that we had a visitor. My long long time friend, that started out as a little girl who rode the bus my mom drove, then turned into the little bit bigger girl who I taught Can-Skate too, then turned into the girl who I skated with, who had somewhere in there turned into my wonderful friend.


Caitlin came, and well, she is amazing! She loved on my kids more than I could ever have imagined... she let Maizey climb into bed with her the first night and got up with her at 5:30 in the morning the next night.


I always do love having people from home, in my home, and she was certainly a dose of home. Thanks Cait - we can't wait to do it again!

We are still finding our groove, but its really starting to fall into place. We are all adjusting and somehow we all seem to be surviving on much less sleep. Besides Jace, of course....he has the luxury of sleeping in the truck and in the stroller and whenever he feels like it. Most days it feels like he has always been here and I don't think any of us can imagine life without him.
For someone who wasn't sure about having a baby BOY, I sure do love him. He has found his little place in my heart and is there to stay.




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  1. Caitlin is amazing, that's for sure!!!!
    Glad to hear life is well...minus the sleep of course. That is just unfair, lol!