Monday, July 6, 2015

Summer Stuff

Jace: Dad, whats this?

Brian: That's a screw.

Jace: Oh be careful Dad, you don't want to screw yourself.

Brian: Don't worry, Buddy. I won't screw myself.


We went to the wedding of one of my favourite people last week and all I wanted was a nice family photo.

This was the best of all of them.


It's probably the most accurate version of our current life so I think it should go up on the wall.


(Jace standing in the kitchen waving his arms in a sweeping motion towards the counter)
"whats going on here? It's so... clean"


Maizey: "Lets play Dads game. I don't know what it's called. But, it just goes like, lets see who can be the quietest for the longest time"

Brian: "Oh Maizey, thats a game that has been passed on by parents to their kids for many many years. And yes, lets play it."

Maizey: Ten seconds in - lets out a giggle. Stifles it. then another. and another. until it was uncontrollable giggling.

Brian: "well that was short lived"


On a particularly  hot day last weekend (I'm sure it was +40), I stripped Winnie down and submerged her in the kiddie pool. She let out the cutest, tiniest sigh of relief and sat, submerged up her mid chest, very happily.  This heat wave has been intense, we are really just trying to get through it every day.

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