Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Preschool Time For Jace

Today was Jaces first day of preschool. If you know Jace, you know that at any given second he can be excited about something or 100% against it - no matter how exciting it is. The lead up to today has been exactly that - one minute he is so excited to go, the next he is arguing that he isn't ever going and that its only Deken that is going actually. So I wasn't exactly sure how today was going to go.
Him and I argued for almost the whole two hours we were up this morning before we had to leave for school. About everything. Breakfast, clothes, shoes, tv.... you name it, we argued about it. I kept silently reminding myself that soon, very soon, I was going to get a break from him and the arguing. We got out the door and to the school on time. He marched ahead of Maizey and me to the door and I had to call him back outside to take a picture.

This morning, at that moment, he was sooo excited. Walking down the hall to his class he started to get a bit nervous and reached for my hand, which has happened exactly zero times in his whole life. He was suddenly nervous, I felt it in his grip. I happily obliged to the hand holding. We hung up his sweater and backpack, showed him the bathroom and then he sat down at the play dough table. I took a few pictures and we said goodbye.

He barely even looked at us. We walked out the door and my eyes filled with tears. My baby is old enough for preschool. It kills me. I held the tears in until the truck and then I couldn't stop them. I'm inclined to blame my ridiculous pregnant hormones. I wondered aloud why I was crying when all I wanted all morning was a break from him. He can be such a little shit and he yells at me ALL. THE. TIME. but really, no matter how crazy he makes me, I am going to miss him. My Buddy, it's going to be so quiet and so much less messy when he isn't home all morning, it's hard for me to imagine it.

He was exhausted when we picked him. He was pretty chatty and filled us in on what he did. He's going to like school and eventually, I'm going to like dropping him off there.
Happy 1st day of school, Buddy. Can't wait for you to start bring home messy art projects and hand made Mothers Day cards.

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