Saturday, April 26, 2014

New Stages. Some Are Easier Than Others

These things always go in stages. I know. I know this because I can remember Jace being about two months old and every night for sometimes upwards of three hours for weeks on end, I was awake with Maizey, going back and forth between her bed and ours, trying to get her to go back to sleep. She was awake for no reason but just couldn't get back to sleep. It was so fun doing it with a brand new baby that also demanded my attention a number of times throughout the night.
 I am currently doing the same with Jace.
It's almost every night. It's for no reason and it's not really that fun at all, even without a new born to tend to. I have no answers. I don't see an end in sight, but I do know that it does end and when it does, I won't even notice because we will have moved on to some new phase that will just use my time and energy in another way.


It has felt pretty darn spring-ish around here lately.
Maizey rode her bike to town and back the other day. She packed her backpack with water and snacks and her field journal and a pencil, all of it 'just in case' . We stopped about 10 times for a water break on the way to town and only once on the way home. I think the novelty had worn off and she was tired. We were pretty close to home when she saw a tiny little something on the ground, so decided she better stop and record it in her field journal. She set her bike down, sat down on it and pulled her field journal and pencil out.

Everything was recorded in the proper way, she flipped through a few pages to cross reference whether that was an ant we had just seen scurry by us (spoiler * it was an ant* ), she packed her bag back up and was ready to continue. It was pretty fun to watch her ride her bike the whole way. She's pretty aware of how to be safe and where and when to stop and I am really looking forward to many more bike rides this summer. Lets just hope we are getting more sleep too.

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