Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The One About A Few Small Fibs

I try to remember things my kids do. The stuff they say, the funny little things they do. I want to remember this time of our lives. It's fast paced, hectic and tiring. Most days I love it. Some days I have to work really hard to love it. Other days, I don't bother faking it and remind myself that these days will be over soon and I will miss them, but that sometimes it's okay to say THIS SUCKS. Like the days Jace has seven accidents. Which Ang reminded me are accidents and not actually Jace just subtly giving me the middle finger. Those days are hard. So are the days with constant fighting, constant whining voices, giant messes and no one to cook for them or clean up after them but me. Even in some of the crappiest moments though, there are some little things that help lighten the mood and make me smile.
Jaces vocabulary and speech has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few months. His words are getting closer and closer to full sentences, just with periods between every word.
Tonight at dinner he was licking sour cream off his finger when he accidentally bit it (his finger).
He let out a whimper and when I turned to see what was going on he said "finger. bite. my. mouth." then he thought for a second and turned to Maizey and said "my mouth. bite. my. finger."  Not one minute before, I was threatening every thing I could think of to make him stop throwing his dinner on the floor, but in that moment I actually laughed out loud. He goes from this crazed monster to this funny and quirky little boy in the blink of an eye.
Last week he had a scratch on his leg and I asked him how it happened. "Nannie. Hit. My. Knee" is what he told me. I laughed quietly and texted my mom to tell her that he had ratted her out. But when on the phone with her trying to get him to say it again, he changed it to Daddy. "Daddy. Hit. My. Knee".
Another time it was his thumb and Papa was the culprit. It's always someone hit something and it's always a different person. It's also totally a fib. I laugh discreetly and tell him he has to be honest. It is funny though.
We have had a particularly busy last few weeks. With being actually busy, not the glorification of busy I usually pull off, comes a lot to do with less time to do it. When we are busy, it's easy for me to get overwhelmed. I don't do crazy and hectic all that well. If I don't look for the small, funny moments, all that would be left to do is cry.

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