Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Showing The Bike Who's Boss

We are loving the bare roads. Rather, we WERE loving the bare roads, then it went and snowed a foot the other night and I was miiiissseerraable. Luckily *ahem sarcasm* it started raining right after the gross snow, so now the roads are bare again.

Anyways, we were loving them A LOT. I guess because it basically felt like spring, we pulled Maizeys run bike out. I don't know, maybe she needs to watch her friends that ride their run bikes like bmx stars to learn, because sister so does not get it.


I was super excited for us to teach her. Turns out, my patience lasts, like, as long as a breath mint before I'm all ok, pick the damn bike up, we are going home. For the record, it doesn't help when the teacher acts like that.



So, we made a lot of trips around the block with her trying to ride it for the first half and then one of us carrying it home while she played in the puddles the rest of the way. We even tried the little three wheel plastic Dora tricycle but her tiny little short legs barely reach the peddles when they are turning, add in her slippery old winter boots and it was a definite no-go. But the last few times, we made her walk her own bike home. You guys, it was hilarious.

 She was so funny.
She seems.... I don't know.... angry at the bike?? Almost as though it's the bikes fault that it's un-rideable or something.



Also, we haven't been for a bike ride since. That's ok, I think we all needed a break from it.

(This post just took, literally, 2 hours and 45 minutes to get up, because the internet is so slow. I thought I was going to go insane watching the ticker on the video upload move that slow)

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  1. Hahhhaha, I think i enjoyed listening to you laugh more than i did watching Maizey's frustrated bike haul. Too funny.