Friday, February 22, 2013

Some Days....

Some days, my system is shit. Some days it's forced, doesn't flow well at all, its messy and chaotic and stressful and in need of a re-vamp.

Some days I should have just opened a can of Campbells soup rather than making my own.

I should have dressed us all up in winter stuff and headed outside despite the dreadful weather.

It starts with something small, like the bread knife being at the bottom of the pile of clean dishes left in the sink from last night and having to either put the dishes away or try and dig around in it to pull it out, neither of which sound appealing. That small thing feels huge and from there everything else just unravels.

The muffins that every single person had to help with that turned out so so bad (wtf old fail safe recipe, wtf??).

The fighting with little friends that were just here for a nice coffee/play date.

The messes and the nobody wanting to pick them up.

Some days, I just shut the bathroom door rather than putting all the stuff that Jace took out, away.



Some days when Jace goes down for his nap, I turn the tv on for Maizey, then sit down with the last of the espresso and relish in the quiet.

Today is one of those days. The messes can wait, this quiet wont last long.

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  1. you gotta do what you gotta do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!