Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Little Crush

Celebrity crushes are a real thing. I would link to all I found when googling it, but there is some seriously disturbing stuff out there.
I can't say for sure who my first one was - probably Jonathon Taylor Thomas or someone along those lines. Of course, those were the days before the internet, so I had to resort to places like Teen Beat for pictures to hang on my wall. There was no 24/7 availability, it was once a month and that was if he was even in there. I did draw the line at pictures though. I couldn't tell you any of my famous crushes birth dates, their signs or their family history. I'm sure I was in the fourth or fifth grade when I saw JTT on Home Improvement and was smitten.

Maizey has apparently started much younger than that. Plus she is going to have it so much easier.

Last night when she was supposed to be watching Elmo on YouTube, I found her looking at this instead:



A-ha - BUSTED!
Wentworth Miller has caught Maizeys attention. Better known as Michael Scofield from Prison Break.
When confronted she wasn't even embarrassed


Then this morning, she asked to watch Dora, so I set out my computer for her to watch it on, and this is what I found: 

For those who find Maizey-speak difficult to understand, she is saying "Michael! Michael!"

I have to say - Missy has got herself some good taste. Like Mother like Daughter.


  1. That is too funny! You should send that video to his reps or something!

    I love me some Michael Scofield too!

  2. I mean really, who doesn't love them some Michael Scofield?
    That would be so funny to send it to his reps!! I wonder what he would think?! haha!

  3. Hot crush...A little order than the ones we started with...HA HA


  4. That is too funny! I got Ryan and my Nana hooked to Prison Break too. My nana is a little upset that she won't get to see the rest of the episodes now that she's gone back home.